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Give me Food Energy!!

Energy.  It come from what you eat and what you do.  And while recovering from a treatment, every ounce of energy is required.  Fueling the body properly is one of the best activities that can be done. 

Pinterest has been helping me to accumulate some new recipes to try that 1) has protein, 2) calories, and 3) limits how many cold things need to be used.  And at least once a week, I want to try something new, and something that works with my current circumstances. 

Raw Ingredients

Avocado Tuna Melt.  It is a wonderful, easy meal.  The recipe came from MyFridgeFood, and I credit them with the research involved.  The ingredients are a can of tuna, tomato, avocados, peppers and cheese.  The tomatoes and Hungarian wax pepper came from my own garden.  There is something special about fresh tomatoes, just off the vine.  The flavor is addictive!  So addictive I had to include extra slices on my plate. 


It took me under 10 minutes from gathering to plate (granted I didn’t cook it long enough to brown the cheese as I was too eager to eat it).  Only one item was in the fridge (cheese), which is a huge plus!  The combination was delightful to eat and very satisfying.  The avocado was so nice and creamy with the mixture.  It provided a sweet richness to each bite.  The tomatoes gave that nice taste of acid and robust flavor.  And the peppers I added had a bit of spice to them, so a little went a long way, but was definitely the final key to the flavors.  The Melt  is so light and happy of a meal, it is going to be frequently repeated while my vines keep holding tomatoes and peppers.