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My Dill. Good Bye for now.

I went to see my Dill last night. I cried into his neck and he looked at me like there was something seriously wrong with this human.

It was hilarious, I walked into the cold muddy paddock. I made the clicking noise I always did to get his attention in the field.  He turned his giant quarterhorse head to me.  I could see the typical eye roll that I get from him.  It says “great, Human has come to interrupt my eating time.”  I called “Hi Dilbert” (my affectionate name for Dill).  It is like I could see him make a huge sigh and resigned himself to walk over to me, away from the hay he was so happily enjoying.  This made me so happy.

This is his “Mommy I had fun in the mud.. don’t be mad at me” face.


Back flash here: When I first started leasing Dill he did not want out of the pasture and he would do everything in his power to not be caught.  My first time trying to catch him, he had me running all over the massive paddock trying to catch a fast horse who wanted none of it.  There are initiations in barns.  There are times when people let you learn lessons because you need to… just the hard way. Well I learned how to catch him the hard way.  But he made me work for it, for a while.  So having him come over to me was a demonstration of how far he and I had come.  That or he could smell the treats in my pocket… My treat monster….

End of back flash

He came over and I gave him a huge hug around his neck. He really doesn’t like these because they do not result in treats.  They confuse him.  I cried into his neck saying how much I would miss him.  And then he started smelling the pockets of my coat.  The treat monster… Granted I did have his favorite molasses treats.  He went pocket to pocket to make sure which one had the treats.  I started laughing and that was the end of the tears.  He and I were back to how we had been before I got too tired to visit him.

I figured I would test him to see if he remembered his tricks I had been working on. I tapped my nose and said “kiss”.  And he did it right away.  Pride in something so simple but we worked hard on that.  He got his treat and from there on he was doing non-stop kisses with a wet muddy nose on my face.  He’d stretch his neck out as far as possible to make sure to get a kiss in.  He did get more treats than I normally would.  He even did a few flexes for me and did his “yes” trick for me where I get him to nod his head.  It was just back to all of our goofy things.

I said Good Bye for now. I know I will be back to visit my Dilbert. And I know he will give me that eye roll and sigh that signals he has resigned himself to me.

One of my favorite pictures of him. 

Thanks – my zoo

Day 14 of thankfulness 
I am thankful for my adorable pets. Digit who has not left my side since I came home today to recouperate. Harley with his loud personality. Well Crush is Kiddo’s but he’s here too.  

Digit is a great nurse though. She keeps. Irked upon me while I’m trying to heal on the couch. Harley make little happy chirping notes when he’s happy about a seed he’s found in his dish or while playing in his paper bag.

Horse and apples

Today I had Dill (my half lease horse) bobbing for Apple quarters.  I needed the laugh. I needed the smiles.  He seemed to enjoy it too. When I first leased him he’d become vacant eyes with me, and now he’s doing things like this.

I’m so happy with him.  My time with him is a buffer from everything going on. I can’t remember or think of them.  With him, it’s just him and me.  He’s my blessing.