Phone blog update

I try to not blog on my phone. I know what I produce isn’t as good. But itsehat I can manage right now.  So an update.  A little over a month ago I was sent to the ER for lightning headaches.  I was struggling to walk straight.  Well. Cancer was found in my brain so they rushed me to the hospital of U Penn for surgery to remove the two masses that were pressing on my spinal chord.  The first surgery went fairly well.  The second my heart stopped once I got moved into icu.  They couldn’t incubate me Diego some swelling.  Now I have a trach, which I hate, and a stomach tube. I’m not able to eat by normal means.  I cough at any irrigation to the trach.  I’m in rehab to hopefully get some strength back.  This is just frustrating.   I’d rather be out playing with Cadell. Instead I’m proud that I can stand or put clothes on.  It’s such a mental change.   So there’s my update.  Things aren’t going that great for me but they could be worse.