You’ll Be Okay

My theme song going through this has been:

You’ll be okay by a Great Big World

(You’ll be okay You’ll be okay The sun will rise To better days

And change will come It’s on it’s way Just close your eyes And let it rain

‘Cause you’re never alone And I will always be there You just carry on You will understand

You’ll be okay You’ll be okay Just look inside You know the way

Let it go Fly away And say goodbye To yesterday

‘Cause you’re never alone And I will always be there You just carry on You will understand

And I will be strong When love is gone And I’ll carry on…

You’ll be okay You’ll be okay The sun will rise To better days)


And I am getting to better days. I am floating right now. I have found a horse to lease. He seems to have almost chosen me. He came up to me in the field yesterday. Apparently that isn’t something he usually does. It touched my heart so much. It was his choice to come and acknowledge me.

I have been missing having a horse to love on and now I have one (well almost, still haven’t signed the lease…)

He is curious and smart. He will take time for me to get to know and I love that. Plus he is very close to my house so I can pop over and see him so much easier! The owners are awesome too. So fun and happy and carefree! I just feel at home. I don’t want formalness. I want to enjoy a horse. I want to be around people that want the horses to be happy with everything like I do. My theory is a horse should have as much fun as I am. That is just how I am. I don’t want to be selfish and be the only one enjoying the relationship. I want it to go both ways. You don’t see that in all barns. And Cadell’s owners are the same way. You can see it. They are having fun and enjoying life too! That makes me happy.

I struggle being around people not enjoying life. I look at it and go “Life is short, have fun! Look at what I have on my plate and I want to have as much fun as possible. You should too!” Smile and laugh. Enjoy each moment.

Here is to my new relationship with Cadell and his owners!! WOOOHOO happy dance me!!



I rode again!

I rode a horse yesterday and found out just how much muscle I have lost due to the months of anemia. I couldn’t get my butt up in the saddle even with a step up.  How embarrassing.  I have never been graceful getting on a horse but I can do it.  Dnag.  I guess I need to work on my quad and glute muscles.  I had to stand on a barrel to get my leg over the horse.  I felt like such a horse noob!!!

And oh my word!!! My legs are sore today!!! The handsome horse I was riding is part Percheron and he definitely showed his draft side.  Definitely!!!  Lots of sore muscles today for me but I am happy with that, it means that I have muscles there starting to remember they can do things.

So now I have a new goal…. Get my legs back so I can ride. I have an area I can concentrate on and work hard at.  Somehow when my goals are around riding horses, they get done.  A horse is my motivation and it works.

I am excited about this. 🙂

The reality of chemo

So here is the ugly truth of what happens for me on chemo. Everyone is different.  Everyone has their own struggles.  Here are mine.

My nails are chipping. I used to have long and strong nails.  Never had the need for fake nails here.  But now I am considering them because of how brittle my nails are.  They flake they break at the littlest thing.

Heartburn. I am on two meds to deal with heartburn.  At one point the heartburn was so bad I threw up from it.  I have lucked out that it is the only circumstance where I have thrown up from chemo (I am very lucky on that from)

I don’t recognize myself in a mirror any more. Honestly I am horrified when I look in a mirror.  I feel like I look so much older.

I used to have nice long wavy hair that people crave. I had Farrah Faucet’s hair.  But now all of that is gone.  With colon cancer chemo, you don’t lose it all but I lost enough that it looks terrible.  And the hair I have is brittle and fried looking.  It has lost all curl or shape to it.  I have tried so many things to make my hair look better.  Wigs are itchy, cut it short and I hate it now.  Wearing caps (this has been the most successful), extensions.  I hate my hair.  I HATE looking in the mirror

My facial skin color is now different and it is blotchier then it was before. Makeup is required for me to look human.  I have to draw on my eyebrows every day and eye liner because those hairs are gone too.

Energy. It comes and goes on the most random of times.  For the past three weeks I had been feeling great.  I was bouncing everywhere annoying everyone with my joy.  Today I am dosing myself with caffeine so I can work.  I needed it to keep going. I am hoping my fatigue isn’t coming back because I will throw a fit.  My body has grown because of 2-3 months of rough anemia having me sleeping 12+ hours every day and it never being enough.

Concentration is harder than it has ever been. I get distracted – Squirrel- at any given time.  It makes working even harder. I can’t remember things. I Have lists everywhere to hold me accountable.  But there are days my brain just doesn’t want to work so I have to fight for every accomplishment.

Then there is the morale situation. The odds are not good for me to survive this, yes I am still fighting but I have to be real that I am fighting for every day.  There is not getting better right now.  My mass hurt me time to time because it is putting pressure on areas if I exercise and that hurts.  There is the struggle about worrying about the future.  There are things I have to do to prepare for if something happens (will, advanced directive, letter to kiddo, etc).

Cancer touches everywhere in your life. It doesn’t leave one thing untouched.

When Symptoms Return

Earlier this week I did Yoga. The little alien (what I have taken to calling my adrenaline mass) was angry about being scrunched up in some of those moves.  There was a part of me that was happy to annoy him with such things! Kinda like how I poke at him saying “die, die”.  You are not wanted.  Get out.

Image result for stomach alien

This morning I had some blood show up in my stool. Talk about miniature freak out. I called the dr and everything.  This was the only symptom I had when I was first diagnosed 4 years ago!  Of course I am going to freak out.  “No No NO… you can’t be getting worse.”  Plus Mr. Alien is still mad at me and hurting a bit.  Fears of things getting worse inside my body.  It is like I am waiting for things to start growing again.  I am waiting to hear bad news.  The nurse on the other line kindly informed me it was probably just from how my bowls like to swing to different states.  If it gets worse, call back…  Okay.  Still doesn’t put me to 100% at ease.  Tomorrow is my vacation day from chemo.  So I am hoping that things are staying the same except annoying Mr. Alien, and that I am okay with.

Related image

Still there is a part of me worried about what I can’t see. What is going on inside my body where I don’t have information until I get my scan in a week or so (guess I need to schedule that…. ).  Just hope and pray that I am still holding still.  Please let me be holding still.  Please let my body be winning the fight against the alien.  Please.  Tonight might just be a Xanax night….