There are other cancers beyond breast cancer… really there is…

I am frustrated.  So frustrated.

Do something for me.  Go onto Google and look up metastatic cancer support groups.  EVERY single one is for breast cancer.  So then Google search for metastatic colon cancer support groups.  You will hardly find any.

I want a support group.  I want people to talk to that are going through what I am going to.  I am being proactive.  However, there is only stuff out there for breast cancer.  And yes there needs to be help to find the end to breast cancer, however there needs to be equal help for the other types of cancers.

Image result for colon cancer

I was chatting with some friends during treatment about this very thing.  We decided that boobs are easier sell.  Let’s admit it, the colon isn’t an easy picture sell.  It really isn’t.  We were debating on ways to make it a more palatable sell.  And here is what we came up with:

Save the blue moons!  And the picture would be a bare tush with blue (color for colon cancer) ribbons on it.  How does that work out?  I am open to suggestions.  However all I ever see on commercials or with support systems is for breast cancer.

Related image

Okay my grumble is over… well mostly.  I just want to get equal support.  I think butts and boobs have equal rights to supports.  What do you think? 🙂


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