Experiencing Life While You Still Have It!

So I started a bucket list. It is the fad to do so right?  However, it has hit home for me.  I don’t know what the future holds for me.  I don’t know where my path leads.  I may live 30+ years and get my miracle or I may only live a few years.  Who knows right?

But I wanted a place where I keep my goals for life. There is so much I want to see and do yet.  I want to travel to so many different places.  There is so much I want to learn yet.  And if I was independently wealthy I would be doing it now.  I would be there.

Most of my items flow around going to different ecosystems. I am an environmentalist at heart.  I want to see animals in the wild.  I want to see natural phenomenon.

So here is my Pinterest board for my bucket list: https://www.pinterest.com/icymoonstone/bucket-list/

I have a feeling it will grow over time. So there are a few topics:

  1. Things pertaining to kiddo.
    1. Seeing her graduate high school
    2. Seeing her get married.
    3. These are things that the doctor doesn’t want to admit that I might get to. These are things all parents want to see for their kids. These are the ones that break my heart.
  2. Places I want to visit
    1. Grand Canyon
    2. Everglades
    3. Alaska
    4. Tropical Rain Forest
    5. Iceland
    6. England
    7. Ireland
    8. Japan
    9. India
  3. Things I want to experience
    1. Seeing whales in Alaska
    2. Seeing wolves in Alaska
    3. Doing the transcontinental railroad across Canada
    4. Take a cooking class
    5. Eat lobster straight from the ocean
    6. Sleep in those crazy awesome tree houses
    7. See the northern lights
    8. Own a horse
    9. Get into better shape
    10. Try new foods
    11. Take my friends to the cabin to experience Potter County

It isn’t an all-inclusive list but there is so much joy I see in that list. There is so many beautiful things to experience in life.  And I want to taste of the glory God made in this world.  And while I still have a taste for that, I have something to strive for.

Maybe the travel is farfetched. Most of them are very expensive trips which are outside my reach.  But there are things on there I can start tackling now.  I can get into better shape.  I can plan a weekend for my friends to join me at my family cabin.  I can research cooking classes.  Those are within my reach.  They are things I can do with kiddo too.  That means it gives us more memories to share.

There is a part of me that feels sorry for people that don’t realize how precious each moment is. People who are just trying to get through each day, wandering and searching but never finding.

I have the biggest encouragement possible to want to experience life. I have been given a pending ending.  And that saddens and scares me.  But at the same time it makes me want to strive to experience all that I can.  To give Kiddo every possible memory and experience that I can do.  She likes that instead of giving her toys, I give her experiences for gifts.  She values them soooo much.  They are things she will never lose.  They are memories that she will always be able to hold close to her heart.  I look forward to giving her more of those.

Eventually I will make a book of my blogs. I want her to have those memories.  I want her to have something tangible of what we went through.  Just something to keep the memories fresh.

So here is to making new memories. Here is to experiencing life.


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