I have Marionette strings

A marionette on strings. That is what I am.  I do not actively participate in what happens to me, rather I respond to how the strings dance.

Image result for marionette

I find myself in the most horrible of plays. I find myself in a play where my life is on the line.  Those around me are forced to watch with horror.  There is not much they can do but observe.  With each tweak of a string, I move towards what is God’s goal.  I move towards His ultimate plan.  However, I do not know what that is.  I know it is for His glory but I really want to cut those string and run.  I want the scene of the play to change.  I want to know that I will not die the horrible death that cancer causes.

I cry out for a change of scene. I cry out for a foretelling like so many plays have.  A hint at what will be coming down the path.  Maybe someone can come and hint that I will make it through this horror and on the other side will be glory and joy.  On the other side I will live in happiness.  But so far no foretelling has come.  So far my strings are just being pulled to make me take yet another step towards the pending gloom.

I am stuck in this Greek tragedy. I am stuck watching my feet move towards a cliff.  I am stuck watching more and more things being removed from my sources of joy.  And yet there is nothing I can do.  I am attached to these strings.  I am not able to remove the strings.


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