Today’s thankfulness Learned Lessons

Learning lessons from God isn’t easy but it helps us in the long run. 1. One time I asked for patience, and while this sounds horrible it’s true. I had Sabriel. She is my blessing and joy but she has taught me so many levels of patience. 2. Living for the present. Not the past. Not the future. But enjoying what is right in front of you. To learn that I had to go through my first diagnosis of cancer (ouch way to learn). 3. That in turn caused me learn to lose my temper. To be a more calm and caring person. To see people for the good. 4. Learning to lean on God. This bout with cancer has really pushed that. The medical community doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies on this bout. So where do I have to lean but to lean on a God. There is nothing else because I refuse to accept what the medical community sees as my outcome. This means that I have to accept what He throws my way..even if I’m not excited about it. But I have to trust His judgement. 5. And that has taught me to lean on my friends. They all have such special gifts. Charles let’s me cry without judgement. He lets me admit the horrible things in my mind without trying to brush them off. Carolyn is my scheduler and listener. Teddi is my realist sparkles that helps me see my reality. I have my card support staff that sends a card and it magically appears when I need it most. I have those that send me flowers. Those that send me words of encouragement when I need it most. And of course the HUGE prayer staff. Did you know that it’s now spreading through the world?? 6. I’ve learned to be honest with my difficulties. I was raised in and around farmers and hard workers. We just plow on while limiting admitting our struggles. Most recently I’ve learned the importance of truth with difficulty and when I need help. And learning this lesson relied on all of the above being in place. Ah the beauty of God’s plan. What I had to go through to be able to learn the importance of showing weakness and struggles. It’s still hard for me. But that is what He’s working on me now. And I know I will be grateful when it is learned.


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