Thanks to those that support me

In trying to be honest about how things are, I’m dreading going to treatment tomorrow. It’s #10. My body is getting weaker. The fight is getting harder. The spirit is losing perseverance. I threw a personal temper tantrum tonight not wanting to go. But talking to a blessed friend and mentor, Judy , helped me. Thank you for listening. Thank you for not giving empty statements. Thank you for helping me remember what I’m doing to hopefully make it easier. 
1. I have nothing planned till kiddo coming home Monday night. 

2. I’ve stocked up on flavored seltzer to help keep me hydrated. 

3. I’ve prepared a sausage kale soup (thanks for the suggestion Teddi) so I have yummy easy food. 

4. I have friends and family coming to treatment tomorrow ( thanks Carolyn). 

5. I have a wonderful support group that’ll help if I needed it. 
She also helped remember who is in control of all of this. That I’m still under God’s love and care. 
She helped remind me that I’m a fighter. That I just need to concentrate on the now and not the future. That I will keep on persevering because that’s how I was raised (thanks Sandy and Dad). I’ll keep trying and fighting.  
Thank you Judy!!


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