Thanks- laughter

I’ve decided that November isn’t the only month to be thankful. So I’m going to continue on. 
Today’s thankfulness 
The ability to laugh!
I soundly believe that if you only look at the negatives, you won’t see the good. But when you start looking for the good in life, each day you can see more and more.  
I’ve been told that being able to make anything into a joke is my super power. And I wear that cape happily. That is proof to me that I’m seeing the good in the world. When I can make someone laugh it makes my heart happy. There’s so much in this world to laugh and smile at. There’s so many things to find joy in. Laughter makes life a little bit lighter. Laughter makes it easier to get through the “interesting” parts of life.  
I remember when I awoke from my abdominal surgery over 3 years ago that there were extra nurses around me. After making sure I hadn’t been “blessed” with a colostomy bag I started cracking jokes. One of the nurses laughed and said “we aren’t the recovery nurses but you were so funny in the Operating room before surgery, we had to meet you!” To this day, that makes me smile.  
I’m so grateful for being able to find humor no matter what I’m going through. Maybe it’s a defense mechanism. I don’t know and I don’t care. It makes burdens lighter. It makes darkness disappear. And it lifts those around me. Thank you God for this gift. Thank you for giving me a juvenile sense of humor. It makes me smile to even think of it!


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