Day 12 of thankfulness.  
Dill. Oh my Dill. He is one of two times where I forget completely about being sick. Those moments of completely forgetting about cancer and my struggles are SO precious to me. The joy Dill gives me. When I see him doing tricks that I’m teaching him. When we ride better each time. When I see him and I working as a team. I listen to him, he listens to me. He knows what I expect and I’ve learned to ask so he knows what I want. An example is I stand beside him and ask verbally for the hoof and he picks it up nicely so I can just slide my hand to support the front of the hoof. And by the time I walk to the next hoof it’s up for me. I’m still amazed that I partial lease such a huge animal, such huge responsibility. And I just love it more each day.


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