7 days of thanks!!!

Long overdue month of thankfulness. Number by day I’ve missed. 1. Thankful for my God is healing me. Who is answering prayers in unexpected ways. Who challenges me and takes away my crutches. It is for my best. 

2. Thankful for my family who has my back 

3. Thankful with my friends who stand beside me through thick and thin

4. Thankful for those that let me be honest when things are tough and rough.  

5. Thankful for having cancer. I know I hate it at the same time. But I can’t remember being happier or leaning more on God and trusting Him more. 

6. Thankful for kiddo. Bc of cancer I appreciate her even more. This child that comes up with the oddest things, keeps me on my toes, makes my jaw drop, and makes me happier than I can express. 

7. Thankful for my job. This is a job I’ve waited years for and I love it. I love the people I work for.


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