I am far behind on my thankful list. And the reason is: Day 20: I am thankful to be living each day to its fullest. And I’m thankful for what got me to the point to be able to do that. I’ve been through a lot. I’ve gone through many trials. But the fruit of that is that I am living life to its fullest. The first fight other cancer was my biggest turning point for that. I no longer wanted to be a ladder climber. I didn’t want to stress over so much. Rather I would want to live life and enjoy it, not prepare for an unguarenteed future. I trust God to take care of that. Rather I can enjoy the experience of the day. I don’t plan my minutes like I used to. Rather I let the day unfold as it will.  

I am thankful for my past trials that taught me this lesson. Did I enjoy the trials while I went through them? Heck no! But the fruit is worth it now. I frequently get asked how I stay upbeat with what I’m going through. And the answer is I fill each day with enjoyment. Time with kiddo. Time with my pets. Time with Dill. Time with friends. Time seeing the beauty and wonder of creation. The list goes on and on. And this weekend is a perfect example of that. I didn’t plan out my every moment. But I had a blast. So I am thankful for that learned lesson. I am thankful to have fun!!!!


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