Post Chemo 5th day check in

So how have I been doing? I think pretty well so far.  I am 5 days from the start of my first treatment, in that I had treatment 5 days ago.  If you take the time to look back through the archives of my blog you will see that I struggled with side effects from day 1 of chemo last time.  This time I am grateful to not be on Oxaliplatinum.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a great drug and does wonderful things.  But it just didn’t agree with my body.  It caused serious neuropathy.  The cold sensitivity was terrible.  Lots of other side effects.  But I barreled through 6 months of it.

This time however, I am not on the drug. This time I am on other stuff (sorry I forget what they are as I have only seen them once so far).  I know I am on 5FU again for a 46 hour infusion but that I can handle, been there done that.

So this time. What have I had in the way of side effects.  A little indigestion.  Back on zantac again.  Easy problem solved.  Of course I am tired.  Day 3 and Day 4 were the worst, as was par for me last time.  So I am trying to listen to my body and sleep when I need it.  I am trying to keep healthy food going in so my body has energy to heal.  My tongue is feeling a bit off and I am looking into that, but I can’t see any sores.

So overall I am truly blessed this time around. So incredibly blessed.  Granted I would prefer to not need to do this at all.  Sure I would love for everything to disappear but that isn’t the path ahead of me.  So right now I have to take the path God has given me.  So right now I have to keep walking forward and doing the best with what I have.

I am trying to keep things simple for my day to day life. One step I have taken is disposable plates and bowls.  It means less dishes for me.  Less work for me.  Sure I am an environmentalist but for now this will help with my day to day life.

Also I have ordered a robotic vacuum. The house I am in does not have much carpet and my dog never stops shedding.  So here’s one less thing I need to do on a regular basis.  I can schedule this little guy and he will do the work.  Hopefully it is that easy….  Well one can hope.  Just anything to make life a little bit easier when I am dealing with treatment times.

If anyone can think of anything else to help with managing the day to days, please let me know. I am all about making life as easy as possible right now.  Gotta conserve my energy so I can get back up on that horse.  I miss my Dill.  So I need energy for that!


2 thoughts on “Post Chemo 5th day check in”

  1. I know if you call Gilda’s club, they know sources for people who will come clean and help with like grocery shopping, meal prep etc all free of charge. Check out and see if there is any in your area. I also know that there are people that will give rides etc.
    Its not much but I hope it helps!


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