Dating – Finally Success!

So after all the previous crazies, I finally have some success to report.  So after all the creepers and crazies, I have found one that is working out.

Horse guy is just a friend and I am okay with that.  He isn’t ready for a relationship.  And I am glad to have him as a friend in my life.  He has quickly become one of my closest friends.  He and I talk frequently.  But it is just a close friendship.  I am so incredibly happy with this.

Introduce PhD-in-process.  Right from the word “hi” from him, it was a prefect meld.  The conversation was natural.  It just felt easy.  So incredibly easy.  I have never had that before.  Within 24 hours of saying Hi online, I was offering up my phone number.

By the next day I hadn’t heard from him, so I decided “Heck I will say HI”.  While trying to transfer his number from the online account to my phone, my phone decided to dial it.  “NO NO NO!” I start screaming at my phone as I hang up.  Try #2, and same result.  Now I am horrified.  I just dialed and hung up on him twice!  Now I am horrified.  Now, I am getting a phone call back from him.  I decline the call.  “Oh gosh he is going to think I am the biggest idiot!”  I text back to him saying “Sorry, this is me and my phone is being evil.”  Then he asks me if I have two different numbers. CRAP CRAP CRAP!  I go back to the online site and realize I had given him the wrong number.  I need a whole to crawl into.

Luckily he thought it was funny.  Major brownie point for him however I still felt like a dufus.  We continued to text throughout the day.  My phone was constantly being used.  And by the end of the day we decided to go on a date.  And now on Saturday we are looking at our third date.  It all feels so effortless.  So easy.  So .. natural.  I am used to feeling like I need to work at these things.  However, now I see how wonderful this is.  I can see the path forward and it is a good one.

I am optimistic about this.  We just seem to meld together effortlessly.  We are starting to plan ahead.  Looking at weekends to come.  We aren’t testing the waters and waiting for the times.  Rather we are planning ahead.

I feel comfortable.  I feel happy.  I feel secure.  I am so incredibly happy right now!


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