Push and Shove – Adventures in Online Dating

So after all my previous lack of success with the wonderful world of online dating, I decided to keep on trying.  My intelligence continues as you can tell.

I started talking to this guy.  He seemed decent, a little intense but the internet can make such things difficult to interpret.  We took the next step to texting.  We communicated more.  Again intense.  A planner.  I am not a hard fast planner, but hey it can work out right?  Found out he had dwarfism.  Again, not an issue.  I am tall for a gal but I don’t care about such things.

We went out on a date.  He was a little more pushy then I prefer but nothing too offensive.  But the more we communicated over the next few dates the less he wanted to listen to my POV.  Instead it was becoming clear that he falls into the territory of “my way or the highway”.  Oh and “No is a term to be worked past”.

So needless to say, that door is closed.  Between the extreme structure and pushiness, plus the apparent lack of appreciating the word no, I stepped away.  Actually ran would probably be a better term.

So for those keeping record, here is the tally:

  1. Toothless
  2. Still a great friend and becoming more so every day, but not progressing towards much else at this time as his heart is still tied to his ex and he is in recovery.
  3. Scam Artist 101 Course
  4. “Did you just say something? Was I supposed to listen?”

Woot for me.

Grumble Grumble Grumble.


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