The fun of online dating – Stories included

Cringe and cringe more.

I am back to needing to do online dating.  I hate doing this again.  I am trying to say it is fun, but let us all admit it together.  It isn’t.  It sucks!

So after working at it for over a month, what has happened?

  1.  First date was with a guy I thought seemed decent on paper, but there wasn’t a spark.  I was hoping it just had to do with him being poor texter.  It happens.  Well I arrive, on time to the date.  I took the necessary time to prepare, etc.  He is over 15 minutes late, which of course didn’t make me happy.  Now let me say this as a precursor.  I am not of a judgmental nature.  I am pretty accepting of everything.  However, I am also very upfront with my flaws so that the person can make their decision on if that is a deciding factor for them.  Well when this late individual sat down in front of me and smiled, and was lacking most of his teeth.  I was very surprised.  Now that wasn’t the only problem I had but it is the easiest to explain.
  2. The first date with the next guy was a blast!  I had a great time playing with horses with him.  It was an example of how good dating can go. We are still talking about getting together again, so there is some prospect there.  At least he makes me laugh nonstop.
  3. The third guy was everything I thought I wanted.  He was complimentary and attentive.  However, after a few weeks of only messaging with him, I find out it is a scam as he asked me to cash a check for him.  When I refuse, a few days later he asks for a loan.  After that refusal he goes back to the check idea.  I start asking questions to see where this is going and do a thorough online check of what he is asking for me.  So either he wanted me to do money laundering for him or he wanted to defraud my account with a fraudulent check.  Great.

So online dating is fun right?  So far the second date guy seems the best so far.  But this is only the start of everything I assume.

Please feel free to share your favorite online dating experiences.  These are only from this time around.  I have had those that don’t understand the meaning of “no”, those that are abusers, those with sick humors, etc.  What more shall I have the pleasure this time around?  I would love to have other commisorators.


4 thoughts on “The fun of online dating – Stories included”

  1. I have an aunt who tried her luck in online dating and had several unfortunate experiences, one of which consisted of a drunk stranger showing up at her door expecting to be shown hospitality.

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