Neuropathy Sucks!

For the past month I haven’t had health insurance due to a job change.  During that time, my lack of planning resulted in me running out of my neuroapthy drug.  Before running out my hands felt 100% normal, I could put on necklace.  The tips of my toes were numb but that was it.

Well one month later without the drug, the whole bottom of my feet are completely numb again.  And I can no longer do the catches on necklaces.  My hands are still so much better then they were a year ago, but the feet have completely regressed.

A year after being done chemo and I still can’t feel my feet.  The original diagnosis was that it should be gone within a year, well so much for that.

I see my dr on Friday and hopefully she will have a new script for me.  But now I need to come to terms with the fact that I may need to take it for the rest of my life or deal with the numbness.



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