Long Lost Hug

I am beginning to adapt to this new reality.  I am beginning to adapt to a new household, a new job, a new relationship status.  I am enjoying my job.  I am enjoying my new house.  I am enjoying this new life.  People are telling me I haven’t looked so happy in a very long.  I am told I look younger.  I am told looking rejuvenated.

And over all I am feeling better and enjoying my life more.  The move was a good thing.  It was the right choice.

There’s one thing that I really find I miss though.  I am missing that hug where you can collapse into.  I get hugs from friends and I enjoy them and am grateful for them.  However, they aren’t what I want.  There is a hug that you give to the one you love completely.  There is a hug where a part of you connects spiritually with them.  There is a hug where you let all the walls down and just fall into that embrace.  Where you are laid bare at their feet.  Where you melt into them and them into you.

I miss that feeling.  I miss being able to have that level of trust and acceptance to be able to bare your soul in hug.


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