Training Fail

Darling Harley, my beautiful Sun Conure is a fun adventure.  He is my crash course in birds.  I wanted to start working on teaching him tricks.  Everything I have read and watched says food is the best motivator in birds.  So bring out the seeds he isn’t supposed to have as frequently because they are fatty.

Somehow I think the bird found a way to get around working for his treats….

harleys training


Help! Riding Difficulties

So this is a plea for help from all those that ride horses, in particular English style.  I am having problems with my two-points.  I can’t seem to engage my feet while remaining at two-point.  I can hold the position, but communicating to the horse to speed up or encouragement to get over poles seems beyond me.

“A” the trainer says  I need to balance more through my calves and less on my toes.  But I am really having a hard time curing my legs around the barrel while in two-point.

Anyone provide any guidance?  Any videos to watch?

I jumped!

Yesterday’s lesson was so much fun.  I am still riding on a high from it.  First we go to the outside rink.  I love being out there.  It feels like a sense of achievement to actually get to be seen by others (we won’t embarrass the stables by being out there and messing up basics horribly).  “Hey, look at me!  I can keep my horse’s attention even with things like cars going by.”  It wasn’t overly hot like it had been for past weeks.  Trainer “A” made Kiddo and I work.  Then we went into the inside rink.  She states she is having us do canter prep work and said we would do jumps.

Silly me thought it meant going over the poles while they are laying on the ground.  Practicing two points, etc.  So we were told to go (while in 2-point) from trot to walk to trot.  Then go over the poles.  Then I see it…. the poles are up in an “X”.  I look at her and say “we haven’t jumped before”.  “A” looks at me with a smile and kindly says “Now you will.  Go do it.  Just hold onto the mane and 2-point over”.

Before I had time to work myself up, I just did it.  I still struggle at using my heels while in 2-point but I made it over the poles.  We did it 3 times.  The first two he just trotted (granted a quick trot) over them but the last time he actually jumped them.

It was exhilarating!  It was exciting!  It was empowering!  I didn’t really have much intention of learning how to jump and now I do!

I looked to “A” and said “That’s it?  It looked so much scarier then that.”

She looks to me and chuckles saying “Everyone says that.  It really isn’t that scary.”

I jumped poles!  At 36 years of age, I am learning to jump horses!  And now I wish I could be there today to do it some more.


And here’s the view after walking Tristan back to his stall for the night: