I wonder about life

I wonder about life.  I wonder about the grand scheme.  I wonder why it seems to be easier, smoother, less stressful for others.  Why do they seem to walk through the world without a care.

Then I wonder if it is a facade that they put on.  That they hide the stresses in life.  Do they put on a mask that makes it so I can’t see what they are dealing or struggling with.  Where as I am one that bares my soul to the world.  Secrets take too much work to keep.  Hiding things only causes anxiety.  So I let it out and everyone can see the stuff I am going through.

Which is the better way?  Which makes life easier?  I do not know.


2 thoughts on “I wonder about life”

  1. It takes far more courage to take your route; to share your soul with the world at large. I’ve had four different blogs over the past seven years where I’ve attempted to do the same thing. I’ve been shocked and disturbed by people’s reactions, and at the moment I’m taking a breather from it all.

    Writing can be tremendously cathartic. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what “cathartic” even means. Some read my posts and drew the most outrageous conclusions that eventually left me jaded about the whole thing. I may start blogging again. If I do, it will be because of blogs like yours written by individuals brave enough to expose their authentic selves.

    You’re very courageous to get it all out. You have a great spirit–let it shine! 😄

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