Chores and The Kiddo

I have struggled frequently with having Kiddo do chores.  The things that I see of value, she doesn’t.  She also wants to do the most complicated things, the items that take the most oversight from me.  Basically they add work, rather than helping with my work load around the house.

So we are trying a new, recommended system.  This weekend she wanted to cook, so we called that her chores for the weekend.  So she baked a cake:

Talk about a proud kiddo and her cake!
Talk about a proud kiddo and her cake!

She made that thing all by herself.  She followed the instructions on the box and made it!

The next morning she woke me with breakfast in bed (in lieu of letting me sleep).  It consisted of a PBJCT (peanut butter, jelly, chocolate chips, toffee candies) sandwich, caramel coffee with a butterscotch lollipop in it, and a piece of the cake she made the night  before.

Later she made me coffee with a marshmallow in it.

Then insisted on making supper.  It was a cheesy broccoli soup, from scratch!

Shredding massive amounts of cheese.
Shredding massive amounts of cheese.

It was really good!

Then she insisted on making a second cake.  This time the box instructions confused her and it turned out more as a custard, but lessons learned right?

second cake

Then Sunday morning she made me pancakes from the box.  They were really good!

So now my sugar levels are through the roof.  But I have a proud proud child!  So maybe there is something to giving her the chores she likes to do.  They added a good bit to my work load, but she stepped up and did other things, like vacuuming the steps and cleaning the bird-cage.

So I altered the system.  It is now an “ever green” system.  This is a point based system.  I outline the points she gets for various items/activities.  and then I outline the items she can turn the points in for.  I can change things as I see fit.

The points system.
The points system.

I showed the board to her and she is stoked!  She wants her blue hair, she wants sleep overs.  But now she knows what to do to get them.  Win win right?!?!


One thought on “Chores and The Kiddo”

  1. I used to do the points thing with my son when he was about 6 or 7. Then he got smart and decided to weigh how much he wanted the reward with how much effort he wanted to put in. Lots of times, after sharing with me the rewards he most wanted and my using them as his end goal, he’d figure “Well, maybe I don’t want it THAT much,” and the chore/condition was undone or unaddressed. Hope your daughter doesn’t start to think along those lines, because it sorta takes the fun out of it! 😉

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