Chores and The Kiddo

I have struggled frequently with having Kiddo do chores.  The things that I see of value, she doesn’t.  She also wants to do the most complicated things, the items that take the most oversight from me.  Basically they add work, rather than helping with my work load around the house.

So we are trying a new, recommended system.  This weekend she wanted to cook, so we called that her chores for the weekend.  So she baked a cake:

Talk about a proud kiddo and her cake!
Talk about a proud kiddo and her cake!

She made that thing all by herself.  She followed the instructions on the box and made it!

The next morning she woke me with breakfast in bed (in lieu of letting me sleep).  It consisted of a PBJCT (peanut butter, jelly, chocolate chips, toffee candies) sandwich, caramel coffee with a butterscotch lollipop in it, and a piece of the cake she made the night  before.

Later she made me coffee with a marshmallow in it.

Then insisted on making supper.  It was a cheesy broccoli soup, from scratch!

Shredding massive amounts of cheese.
Shredding massive amounts of cheese.

It was really good!

Then she insisted on making a second cake.  This time the box instructions confused her and it turned out more as a custard, but lessons learned right?

second cake

Then Sunday morning she made me pancakes from the box.  They were really good!

So now my sugar levels are through the roof.  But I have a proud proud child!  So maybe there is something to giving her the chores she likes to do.  They added a good bit to my work load, but she stepped up and did other things, like vacuuming the steps and cleaning the bird-cage.

So I altered the system.  It is now an “ever green” system.  This is a point based system.  I outline the points she gets for various items/activities.  and then I outline the items she can turn the points in for.  I can change things as I see fit.

The points system.
The points system.

I showed the board to her and she is stoked!  She wants her blue hair, she wants sleep overs.  But now she knows what to do to get them.  Win win right?!?!


Pride and Proud

I am proud of myself.  Yes I am tooting my own horn.  I joined a cancer study at a local large university that is studying the effect on exercise and the return of colon cancer.  As I had hoped, I was placed in the high exercise study.  I am to try and get 300 minutes a week of medium to high cardio exercise.  For the past few months (before the start of this study), I only exercised 30 minutes a week.  Talk about a drastic increase!  Plus I am not the fit svelt I would love to be.  Rather I have at least 100 lbs I wish to lose.

So wanting to go from 30 minutes of exercise to 300 is a pretty drastic change in lifestyle.  This was to be my second week at 300 minutes.  In 5 weeks I went from 30 to 300 (due to me being over zealous and trying to jump to the end goal).  My body is in shock.  My body is screams “stop it you freaking fool!”

Now my life is trying to stop me.  Last week, pretty much all the possible hurdles were in the way.  First I had a surprise major audit for 2 days that ruined my ability to walk at work and my energy to want to do it home after work.  Then the weather make walking outside less then ideal.  Plus my body is a little irate at the change (ie my calves and ankles are sore).

But after a day at a museum with Kiddo and the Knight, the last thing I wanted to do, was get my last 45 minutes of exercise in.   I wanted to curl up on the couch, watch funny youtube videos and veg.  But I went out and walked those blasted 45 minutes.  I got my 300 minutes and had to fight for every single one of them.

My body still says I am a meanie, but well it has to listen.  My spirit is rejoicing at what I have done.  My spirit is seeing that I have won my battle.

So completely contrary to the goal… here is a vodka martini to making my 300 minutes!


Joyful things about horseback life

The smell of “horse” when walking into the barn

Getting the greeting from the horse that made you earn such respect.

The feel of dust and dirt on your skin after a hard lesson.

Feeling the calves loosen up during a ride.

Finally figuring out how to communicate in a way the horse likes and prefers.

Learning a new skill with lots of trial and error.

Watching someone ride and starting to see what they do good and you want to do better at.

Walking the horse back after lesson to his “home”.

Dropping the stirrups after a ride and feeling the legs stretch.

horse love


I am starting to learn Dressage.  I love the challenge and grace of it.  The necessary communication and subtle changes that make the difference.  So far I am only doing leg yields, but as I am starting to get them down, I am looking forward to what else I will be learning.

So in the spirit of that, I offer this article for review:


dressage dismount