From Cancer to Hawai’i – Introduction to the journey

Last week was a week to remember.  Last week was my trip to Hawai’i (The Big Island).  Last week was the one year anniversary of my cancer being discovered and diagnosed.

I had told Kiddo about 6 months ago, “Choose a place for us to go and we will go.  Choose a place we will go for having survived one year of hell.”  She pondered for a moment and said “Hawaii”.  My jaw dropped.  I had expected her to say Disney, Florida, or the beach somewhere.  I didn’t think she would ask to go to complete opposite side of the US.  My bank account screamed in horror at the idea.  I was on disability.  I was looking at not working for 6-7 months that year.  But I said “okay, Let me think about it.”

In October or November I finally decided “what the heck, let’s go.”  I could figure out the finances later.  I would trust that they would fall into place.

Slowly the plans started falling into place.  I did research on all the islands and decided on Hawai’i, The Big Island.  I found a beautiful house to rent on VRBO.  It was ocean front with private tidal pools with coral reefs and snorkeling.  I found an amazing deal on first class tickets for kiddo and I to fly with (13 hours in a plane with an 8 year old…. gasp!).  I found supplies I would need.  I found all the “must sees” on the Island.  Everything started falling in place.

View of the tidal pools from the downstairs Lanai.
Roadside view of the gorgeous house!

My parents were able to join me, as a way to say “thank you” for taking care of me when I was sick.  My parents have never really traveled (this would be their first commercial air flight).  This was going to be exciting on so many levels.

It was a wonderful trip.  It was so magical.  It was the first time I had seen my parents relax.  It was joyous to see my kid see the world through fresh eyes.  It was exhilarating to see her step out of her comfort zone and try many new and scary things!


It was a blessing to have wonderful experiences replace the horrors of that week a year ago. Instead of sitting at home reliving the pain of those days, I was out seeing the world and having a wonderful time!

Sunrise from the deck of the house… Woke up to this every day!

There is a part of me, a very (formerly) secret part that wanted some reward for going through what I did last year.  I have accepted the changes in me as a great reward, and I still stand behind that.  But there was a selfish part of me that wanted something tangible.  And now I have this trip.  I have all the little mementos I got along the trip.   And when I hold them or look at the pictures of my trip, I have my tangible reward.

I will blog more about the trip in the future, but I wanted to start with this.

Our Goat Buddy We Made
Our Goat Buddy We Made

2 thoughts on “From Cancer to Hawai’i – Introduction to the journey”

  1. What a wonderful story to share. I wish you nothing but peace and many years for sharing the joy of life with your daughter and your very supportive family. XOOX
    Judy (Carroll) Carman

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