School Yard Follow Up

So a followup to my previous post.  I was speaking with one of my girl friends about Kiddo’s issue with being called fat and she said something brilliant.

“Why does the word ‘fat’ have to be a bad thing?  It is a descriptive word that is neither negative or positive.”  Basically society has put this negative thought into that term.  Someone can be fat and be beautiful.  The same as someone can be thin, tall, short, blonde, brunette, etc. and be beautiful.  She posed the suggestion to encourage Kiddo to only see the word “fat” as a descriptor and neither negative or positive.

Kiddo and I had the discussion.  She sees the logic of it.  I know putting it into practise will be more difficult but at least the seed is there.  She is such a beautiful, fierce child.  She knows who and what she is.  She is proud of those things!


Kiddo kissing Calli
Kiddo kissing Calli

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