Oh the Addiction

I find myself thinking constantly about my addiction.  I find myself wanting more time to be on the back of Tristan.  The problem is that over this winter I regressed on my riding skills.  During the fall I was getting good at posting.  My two-point was looking nice.  My posture was good.  My hands were good.  And now I stink.

I can’t find my balance while posting.  My fingers are flaying open just asking for a broken finger.  I squeak whenever he bolts unexpectedly.  I am this timid mouse on the back of a horse.

Between last week and this week, there has been an improvement for sure.  However, it is still not up to par with before Christmas.

I find myself wanting to lease a horse so I can spend an hour a day in the rink taking the time to get to learn how to ride.  The half hour lesson isn’t enough time to build up confidence and feel that I am improving.

I know with time it will feel natural.  I know with time I will improve.  I am just impatient for it to come.

And with each day, the addiction becomes stronger.  I read more blog about horses.  I read more about horse behavior.  I watch more youtube videos watching how posting is done.  However the one thing I want, I have to wait another week to have and that is another lesson.

So here is this horse noob’s handsome lesson horse.  Handsome Tristan.



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