Happy News – No More Colon Cancer

Today I find myself with very happy news.  Today I find myself in disbelief.  Today I find myself being able to say I kicked Colon Cancer’s butt.

Today was the follow up colonoscopy after my surgery and then chemo.  As I walked in, I told the attending nurse what my Dr. said to tell her, I told her my story and that I was anxious.  Next thing I know, I am comfortably sitting in the stylish hospital gown with some very nice “happy drugs” running through my veins. Then in I go to the procedure room to get the rest of the fun drugs.

My first statement upon waking up was “Was there anything found” and the nurses told me right away they didn’t find anything except some suspected scar tissue from my surgery last year.  *cue water works*.  After 10 months of battle I could look into my Knight’s eyes (of course he was there by my side, because he is AWESOME like that) and say “WE beat it!”  And I say “we” because without his love and kind support, I do not know that I could have done this.

Thursday my CTscan for the rest of my abdomen is scheduled.  But for me, that is just a box to check.  I am not anxious about that test.

So today, I can officially say “I am in remission. We kicked Cancer’s butt!” 

cancer warrior


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