Ask and You Receive, Just not how you expect.

With the looming colonoscopy, I prayed for distraction.  I didn’t want to think of positive vs negative outcomes.  I didn’t want to think of the day of not-so-fun prep.

Well prayer answered.

I have spent the week dealing with insurance calls, researching cars, finding a car loan and eventually choosing a car.  Kiddo is planning a party at my house, with limited planning from me (rather me just being told how many and … “oh you are providing supper right?”) just now a lot of looming cleaning.

I have been insanely busy.  What looked like an open week has been packed full every single moment.

But the unexpected blessings keep flowing in.  The totaled car compensation from the insurance will cover what I owe on it.  I have managed to get a really awesome deal on a car I have been wanting for years.  I managed to negotiate even the car loan (I stink at negotiation of such things).

Somehow this has all worked out. There is a hand of God guiding this.  And all of it was in ways I never expected.  And the most amazing part is that I have been at peace through everything, even the accident.

Now I just pray that it will continue through till Monday after I find out the results.  Here’s Praying!


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