Anticipation! I.E. I can’t wait, horse-time!!

Life has been tense for the past few days.  Lots of external stress, a pending colonoscopy (to hopefully confirm the cancer is gone with no new polyps), and a car accident last night taking my car temporarily out of commission.  And now I can not wait for my hour spent with Tristan a beautiful/handsome horse.

My buddy Tristan from July 2014
My buddy Tristan from July 2014

He and I will spend our time working through our lesson.  It will be a time when all else disappears. It will be a time to just relax into it.

When I gave Kiddo the birthday gift of Mother-Daughter Horseback Riding lessons every other week, I though it would just be filling every little girl’s innate love of horses.  Instead I find her and my life slowly starting to revolve more and more around horses.  We look longingly towards more time with the horses.  We can’t wait for each lesson.  Now I find myself trying to find ways to push the lessons towards a weekly frequency.

I can see us leaning towards leasing horses once we are more experienced riders.  I long to be able to take her and I out on trail rides with the horses.  I know we are not to that point yet, but I want us to get to it.

horse love

I find myself looking up videos of horses.  Googling for articles on the physical benefit of horseback riding.  I remember my first couple of lessons the strain my legs felt.  It is a great source of expended calories.  It is overall a wonderful experience.  Plus there are huge mental benefits of the activity.

The lessons were one of my highlights during chemo, and I enjoy it just as much if not more, now that I am back to “regular life”.  It is still a joy.  I have fallen in love with a horse that I see every other week.  The fondness that I feel for him is unexpected.  I bring treats for him every lesson.  And now he knows which pocket to search for the apples or carrots.  He gets cross with me when the treats are done.  He tries to get the treats before the lesson even begin.

Even the fear of my first fall (which is still pending) doesn’t prevent me from riding.  And a fall from such a tall horse is a very daunting thing.  The rewards far outweigh the risks.

Tonight is my next lesson… And let the minute countdown begin.


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