Hypocrite I am

I am such a hypocrite.

On Friday at my Kiddo’s riding lesson she fell off her horse.  It was the first time it had happened to her.  See me dashing over to her, seeing that everything is okay.  Then I start encouraging her to get back on the horse.  As the old adage goes, get back on the horse.  I bribed her, I encouraged her, I did everything I could to get her tush up in that saddle.

The adage is true, at least with horseback riding, that if you do not get right up in that saddle, the likelihood is much less that you will ever do it.

She did get back up that saddle and even rode up to a trot.  I was so very proud of her!  The instructor then stated that a person isn’t considered a horseback rider till they have fallen off the horse 5 times.

So here I am, proud that my little girl got back up in the saddle, while a few days ago I was having an emotional temper tantrum that I didn’t want to be back on my theoretical horse Optimism.

I wanted to sit here wallowing in the dirt crying that I am scared and dreading the future.  I wanted to be coddled and told it was okay.  My horse Optimism seemed so high and so scary to fall off again.

But life is falling and getting back up.  And the adage is right, the longer you take to get back up in that saddle, the less likely you are.  Fear and pessimism take hold and do not want to let go.

I am still climbing up into the saddle.  But at least I am not on the ground any more!




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