“The Old Person Hobby”

I have been corrupted.  I have picked up a hobby I swore I would never learn.  I didn’t have interest in learning an “old person’s hobby”.  I learned to knit.


During chemo, so many of the things I enjoyed were not possible for me.  I knew I needed an activity to feel somewhat useful.  Knitting shows up time and time again as a positive activity for those on chemo.  And now there is a scientific study that proves it.

It seems that due to needing to use both sides of the brain while knitting helps with depression and a wide range of other mental struggles.  All of those struggles are very common while fighting the “Ugly C”.

For me the neuropathy got bad enough that I couldn’t knit at the end of treatment and I still struggle to be able to do it.  But for a while it gave me something productive to do.  It gave me something I could make for the nurses that helped me so much.



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