TV- Please Shush Now

I watch some wonderful crap tv.  Some reality shows, some drama, some fantasy.  I really enjoy a wide range of tv.  However, why is cancer so previlent in tv?  Why does reality tv use it as a justification for the person receiving attension? Why is cancer used as a major plot point so frequently?

Was it always like this and I have only recently noticed it?  Am i more sensative to it now?

I puzzle at why our society is so caught on that term.  Honestly I want it to be thought of with less fear.  I want it to be seen as “wow that stinks but it will be okay”.

The “ugly C” word is used as fear.  I think it is one of the most feared diagnosis.  And yes it stinks and yes it is ugly.  And yes it deserves the fear level.

But for me personally I wan it to be less then it is.  I want it to be something that is passing in the night.  Something that isn’t that huge of a deal seems easier to mentally and emotionally manage.  I want to stop having the plot point reminders of what I have gone through.  I want it to just be a part of my story that is this life, for it has changed me.  But I want it to be a minor key.

Maybe if it wasn’t so scary, maybe if it wasn’t such a big deal, my mind could come to peace with it faster.  Maybe I could move past it with greater speed.  I would love for this to be ancient history in my life’s story.

And only time can do that, but patience isn’t one of my strongest traits.  I suppose I will need to do the work. I will need to take the path ahead of me.  No skipping to Go and collecting my money.



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