The Next Steps – Lots O Doctor Visits

Today has been a day of work and a day of phone calls.  It amazes me how many doctor appointments follow being done chemo.  There are so many drs. you do not see when you are on chemo, it is almost like they all miss you and want you to come and visit in a 2 month span.

Eye dr, dentist, colonoscopy dr, followup with the oncologist, get the chemo port flushed, ob/gyn.  Seriously, I think the next two months will be taken up with work and dr apts and that is it.

The one I am dreading the most is the colonoscopy visit.  I have to go meet with the dr at the office first and then set up for my colonoscopy.  It is all coming full circle.  Saying I dread that appointment would be an understatement.  But it is what I need to feel like I have won.  It is the next battle that needs to be conquered.  My oncology doctor has no fear of everything coming up clear, so I guess that is something.  She said this one is just incase the tumor made it impossible for the camera to get the whole way through the colon.  I know they got through the whole colon, heck I have photographic proof of what they found.

So I am going to keep reminding myself to have an optimistic POV for this test and then just get past it.  Meanwhile, I have enough other appointments to keep me occupied.  Oh my, do I ever!


cancer warrior


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