The Path Of Self

On an (almost) annual basis I do a Myers-Briggs personality assessment.  To those that aren’t familiar, it is a personality test that looks for key personality traits.  Introvert vs. Extrovert, Intuition vs. Observation, Thinking vs. Feeling and Judging vs. Prospective.

Over the past three years, I have stayed basically the same, an Idealist (ENFP).  Before that, when I struggled with some depressive times I was always registering as an Introvert, but anyone who knows me now, scratches their heads when they hear that.

I am a talkative, energetic, emotional individual.  Give me caffeine in abundance and I can bounce around like a loon.  And your ear will be chattered off of the skull.  It is my superpower. Definitely I am an extrovert!

I do this test annually to see if I have changed.  But mostly I find it fun to define myself.  To read a few pages and go “OMG THAT IS ME!”  I love to learn about myself and about the world around.  It is enjoyable to see how my puzzle piece of the world fits into everyone else’s.  It is another area where I can continue to learn.

There are times I wonder if I have chosen a career that doesn’t suit with my personality.  The repeat reporting and number crunching gets to me sometimes.  I like variety, I like things to push me and encourage growth.  I long to be creative.  My present job doesn’t always allow for such things.

But parenting definitely allows for it.  The energy that I naturally exude tends to draw kids in.  I think I fascinate them because I act like a kid a lot.  Little things can make me giggle.  I am not beyond making funny faces across a room at adults and kids alike.  I love chasing toddlers exclaiming “I am the tickle monster.  I am going to get you.” And then getting to hear their laughter.

There is so much in the world to learn and explore.  So much beauty and indescribable things.  And today is the reminder that I am one of those things.  I am the can of silly string.  I am the hug when people need it.  I am the immature individual that laughs at juvenile jokes.

So what are you?  Here is my profile.  I encourage you to read mine.  I encourage you to take the quiz, it doesn’t take long.  And I would love to know what you end up being.  I would love to know what you learned about yourself.

silly string


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