Fingers and Toes

I am starting to question my sanity.  My fingers and toes are more numb now then they were when I was on treatment.  The pain, clumsiness, uncomfortableness has gotten worse.  It is now continuous.  Opening plastic bags, trying to pick little things up, tying shoes.  All of this has gotten so much more difficult.

After doing some research, I found that some side effects don’t show till after chemo is done.  I did not think this was a possibility.  I have noticed my fatigue is worse then before as well, which is evidently common.  I wonder now what else will be struggled through in the next few months of recovery.

Honestly, the fingers and toes bother me the most.  They are constant since everything I do involves them.  Everything is just a little harder and hurts or is awkward.  I am curious as to what others have done for this.  I have heard good things about acupuncture, but my dr told me to wait a bit before I try it.


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