The Ending is Just the Beginning

Wednesday was the end of my last chemo treatment.  Thursday my family had a toast for me to celebrate the mixture of Thanksgiving and me being done chemo.  It was a touching and surreal moment.

Finally I have crossed over that mystical line of being done chemo and now I am into the recovery stage.  Now my body needs to recover from the surgery and recover from the damage the chemo has done.  For 6 months I have had chemicals induced into my body that literally destroy cells, good and bad cells.  And now my body is suddenly allowed to heal and repair.

Some of the repairs will take time.  The heartburn should go away quickly.  The chemo brain will take a few months.  The peripheral neuropathy will take up to a year, if it isn’t permenant. The numbness/sensitivity in my fingers and toes drives me batty, but at least I won’t be compounding the damage.

It is daunting being on the other side of that line though.  I have lived so long on the chemo side, that not going to treatment in approximately a week.  Working with my oncology crew has become a part of my life.  They have become family and loved.  And now I won’t see them as frequently.

But now for the new beginning.  Now is the time to celebrate life.  Now is the time to enjoy things before returning to work.


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