A Summary Of The Times – Well For Me At Least

The world has been a hurricane of late.  Last week saw my second to last treatment from my 12 treatment set.  But also my grandparents have been requiring constant supervision just due to age and other such things.  My parents are there more then me, but I am there about 12-14 hours a day.  We are just completing our third week of this.

But for me this blog is not about things pertaining to their health.  Mainly for the path I am currently finding myself on.

This last treatment I had to report to my Oncologist that I had lost sensation in the finger tips of my entire left hand and the toes of the left foot.  She encouraged me to drop the Oxaliplatinum, which has the cold sensitivity side-effect.  Being stubborn me, I said “If I can do these two last treatments, I want to try.  I do not want to come back in 6 years and wish I had done those treatments.”  This is when I found out that most people only last 8 treatments on this drug.  There is always the concern of the numbness being permanent.  But I was persistent and got a 50% treatment.

However, with the accumulation of all my 11 treatments on that drug and the stress going on in my life, this past treatment has now spread to my right side.  My right hand has had numbness off and on, but my right foot’s toes are numb almost all the time.  The numbness makes coordination difficult sometimes.  The same could be said for opening things with my hands.  I definitely will not be doing my last dose of the Oxali.  I will still have the 5FU, for my final treatment.  But at least the cold sensitivity can start going away.

I am looking forward to being able to have a glass of cold water, to be able to eat/drink something right out of the fridge with no heating required.  Ice Cream!  Martinis!  There is much I am looking forward to, after 6 months of abstaining from anything cold.  I look forward to being able to touch something in the freezer without pain, to drive my car in cold months without extreme pain.  There is much I am looking forward to.

But there is one more treatment to go.  Poetically, my last treatment falls on Thanksgiving week.  I will be done before Thanksgiving.  Definitely a poetic thing.  Also a lot of the side effects should be gone by Christmas.  This year, these holidays will take on new and grand meanings.  Now to just get there.  🙂


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