Why the Silence

Why the silence?  I have been busy this week.  Over the past 6 months I think this has been my best week by far.  And with feeling so good I have been busy!  So please let me show all the fun I have been enjoying!

Halloween is just around the corner.  Last year I made a make-shift wolf costume for my little darling.

Scary Wolf
Scary Wolf

This year she wants to be a Weeping Angle from Dr. Who.  So I found another person who did all the design legwork so I could copy their efforts (http://www.instructables.com/id/Doctor-Who-Weeping-Angel/?ALLSTEPS).  I have spent quite a few hours working on the wings.

Wings in Process
Wings in Process

Kiddo and I spent some time playing with henna.  I had purchased a kit a long time ago and had yet to use it  Let me tell you, henna smells bad when it is setting before applying.  But it finally oxidized so kiddo and I got our first homemade henna tattoos.  Granted my couch has some perminant proof of the activity.  But it was a wonderful bonding time!

Kiddo's hand
Kiddo’s hand
My foot
My foot

While it is no where near what I am used to seeing from professionals, it was a wonderful bonding time!  She loves that she can look at her hand and remember me at any time.

This week has been a refreshing breath of air.  I have felt like me.  It has been when I could feel like I was human again and able to do things normally.

Thank you God for this two week break from the torture of chemo!


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