Treatment #8! 4 more to go!

So I am 2/3 way done of the wonderful experience that is chemotherapy.  It felt like I would not be able to get to this point.  But now I am standing here and pondering.  Now I get to talk to the Dr about what the moving ahead steps will be.  It is kinda exciting.  The thoughts of life returning to normal.

So today’s treatment was odd.  My 8 year old and her Step-mom joined me at treatment.  Kiddo had a valid reason to not go to school (but wasn’t sick, I would never send someone sick into an Oncology department unless they were a patient there to see the dr. ) and I had no other location for convenient care.  She has never witnessed how a chemo port worked and I think it was odd to her.  Granted the first time or two my port was access, it wigged me as well.  My port is below the skin so it looks interesting to see something stuck into it, let alone then drawing blood.  She is used to me getting medicine through it but the blood drawing was odd.

Here's what a chemo-port looks like.
Here’s what a chemo-port looks like.

Her Step-mom was wonderful with helping me care for kiddo while getting my meds.  It was such a blessing to have someone helping with her in a place where you rarely see kids.  Kiddo did as wonderful as possible for the 4-5 hour session.

Well now I am hermitting at home, as I plan to stay for the next few days, as is normal.  There is something comforting to staying at home while working through the treatment.

Who needs only a day??? I want a few months!!!
Who needs only a day??? I want a few months!!!

With the knowledge of only having another 4 times to go through this, makes it somewhat easier.  We are now talking about the things coming after treatment, and it isn’t too bad.  Of course I get another colonoscopy but that isn’t surprising.  I will get some more CATscans of course.  More blood work of course.  But all of those are easy.  All of those I can handle.

cancer warrior

All of the above is a path back to normality.  And I am starting to get close to the beginning of the path!  HAPPY HAPPY DANCE!!!


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