I Love Steampunk! And Yes I Am A Geek And Proud Of It!

One of my biggest regrets of things I have missed (well second to the holidays I missed) due to this illness is Steampunk Conventions.  So what is Steampunk??  I think this image describes it perfectly:


Steampunk is a way to express individuality through clothing, cool gadgets, amazing artisans and other such wonderful things.  It is a time to let go of social norms.  It is a time to just be myself and meet wonderful people.  It is probably one of the most accepting societies of people I have ever met.

I just got to enjoy a weekend in corsets, fun skirts, and an awesome new parasol.  It was a fun weekend to forget all the real world problems.  I was able to meet many new people.  I got to dance to some of my favorite bands (new and old favorites).  There were many other amazing artisans that love what the do and it shows in either their wares or performances.  And the best part of the weekend was spending it with my Knight.

Steampunk Example.. see fun!
Steampunk Example.. see fun!

He is the one that found this outing for us to enjoy.  It was a balm on a lot of my mental wounds.  Chemo has a way to make you feel inhuman, for me it makes me feel quite ugly.  Spending a weekend in some of my favorite attire makes me feel beautiful.  I feel like me again.  It is so wonderful.  And it is a beautiful gift from my Knight.


2 thoughts on “I Love Steampunk! And Yes I Am A Geek And Proud Of It!”

  1. Some fifteen years ago I used to wear a rear view mirror on my glasses. Now I wish I could have a heads up display integrated to my glasses. Even if it were only speed readings. Does that qualify a bit as steampunk?


  2. It could easily be part of a steampunk outfit. One of the awesome things about steampunk, is that we accept everyone. There are those that spend thousands of dollars and some that spend 5. All are equally accepted.


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