Miracles Can Happen in the Most Unusual Ways

So the first disclaimer is that I have borrowed this video from a fellow blogger.  It came across my RSS Feed and it hit home.  I will put a link to that blog at the bottom.

Second note, I am feeling much better today.  Yesterday was rough.  Those blasted Pits Of Dispaire had claimed me.  But last night I got my first decent night’s sleep in a bit, and I actually feel up to eating as I should, so I am feeling a good bit better.  (Woohoo and yippie!)

Now that all of that is out of the way, here is the video I saw and pondered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcFuI86XTic.

I live in the country.  I live near horse farms and dairy farms.  My family consists of a lot of people who used to be farmers.  So I have been brought up with the knowledge of what happens when an animal is severely injured.  It is a reality of life.

Then I see this video.  A horse that everyone had counted to be a “lost cause” surprised them all.  Not only by surviving, but also by bringing new life into the world.  There is a future for this creature that typically would have been written off.

Frequently I see myself as damaged.  I see the scars from the recent surgeries.  I see the damage that chemo is doing to my body which may or may not be repaired.  There is no guarantee that I won’t have to go through this again.  My future is not a guarantee by any form.  However, if God can work a miracle in this one horse, why not in me as well.  Maybe I will still be this damaged creature.  Maybe there will be new scars added or more things coming down the road to make me climb over.  But also, maybe there will be joys indescribable.  Maybe there will be a beautiful future that makes all of the past few months slip away to a little bump in the road.

There are days, like yesterday, that can make it very difficult to see potential wonderful things.  But there are days like today, when a reminder is shown to you of the potential glory.

And if God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, he will certainly care for you. Why do you have so little faith?  Matthew 6:30

Blog Link: http://cutepuppylove.me/2014/09/23/so-what-if-she-has-a-broken-neck/



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