The Calorie Canundrum

My life currently seems to revolve around calories.  In previous years, calories were to be minimized.  Low fat, low calories.  Eat just enough so that hopefully my body will become smaller.  Now I am faced with the opposite issue.

My nutritionist informed me that a lot of my side effects were a direct result of me not eating enough calories.  I was shaking, my hands were cramping, and the other side effects were hitting stronger than expected.  Her advice for me with my present weight and what I am going through was to consume 2500 calories in a day.

To me, that is an insane amount of food.  My typical food intake was around 1500 (at least that was my goal).  Most people would rejoice at being able to have an extra 1000 calories a day. For me it is a constant struggle and annoyance.  When I do not consume those extra 1000, I am fatigued and plagued with other problems.  However, when I do eat that 1000, my need to nap is greatly reduce and I feel so much better.

I have friends that are constantly trying to keep under a calorie limit, like I used to be.  And now I would do anything to hand over a few extra calories to others.  Eating has now become a chore, a job.  I am trying to invent new and crazy ways to force extra calories into my body.

The nutritionist told me to eat butter, cook in oil, have peanut butter.  Basically do all those things that nutritionists have told us for years to avoid. Milkshakes were her biggest suggestion, granted with the cold sensitivity, it isn’t an option for me.  But it shows how drastic a change my diet is looking at.

My kitchen is now stocked with easy, bad calories for the days when eating is the most annoying thing I have to do.  Poptarts, puddings, instant meals.  All are things that I have avoided like they contain the plague for years. Now they are ways to give my body energy to heal.

The amazing thing is that I am still losing weight, granted it is slowly, but it is still happening.  So I will go get myself a bagel with cream cheese, enjoy my Starbucks late with extra syrup, and hope when all this is done, I can go back to a normal diet without my body expanding.

Time for a snack….

trail mix


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