Spider-Rodent… The adventure begins

Once in the fabled land of The Great Backyard, there existed a tower of food.  The Great Tower contained the most desired of foods and was owned by the evil Birds.  The Birds claimed all the deliciousness for themselves.  That was until a squirrel decided to fight back.  And this is the story of the squirrel.


In his adventures around The Great Backyard he came upon The Great Tower.   And that is where his mind started to whirl and think. His mind suddenly conceived of a convoluted path that would lead to The Great Tower.  First he had to traverse up The Antenna, then he had to scurry along the rain gutter.  Now he had to precariously dangle down.  After much pondering the manner to do this, he decided to act like a spider.  He had always marveled at the spider and it’s power of creating its own web to hang from.  So after much work, he was able to become Spider-Rodent.  He then won his great reward!  The beautiful, delicious food from the Great Tower!

Stay tuned for the future adventures of Spider-Rodent!


PS, there was this silly human taking pictures of this daring feat.  Please see the proof awesomeness below!

Nom Nom
Doing what only a Spider can! Success!
Resting after the marvelous feat!


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